The Legend of Billy Joe Riley

Billy Joe couldn't sleep last night. With all the terrors of the night out there, he could only imagine what may await an unwary stranger. Tonight, he told himself, I will exercise control over my mind and spirit and sleep will be assured.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the creeping dawn came upon him. Through his curtains came vertical columns of laser sunlight... Tiny particles of dust were dancing through each beam.

Billy saw himself in outer space floating freely to his ship.

The feelings he experienced were like none other in his meager 19 years of life on Terra.

Ever changing, ever staying the same. Another day. Billy had agreed to work for his friends Dad at the local factory and today was to be his first day on the job. New guy!

Nobody likes the first day in a new job with new surroundings and new people going this way and that. By noon, Billy still had no idea where the bathroom was. By the end of the first days shift he knew he would have to find something better but at the same time was grateful for the opportunity his friends Dad had provided for him.

Out in the parking lot as shadows were growing long, a woman walked up to him and just stood there facing him. “My name is Jenny,” she said.

Billy, stunned, stood there staring into her eyes. Billy stuck out his hand and tried to open his mouth but found he was so tired he could hardly speak or even exercise the manners needed in polite company.

“Hi, I'm Billy,” he said as a drop of spittle shot from his mouth hitting her squarely in her right eye.

“Oh God I am so sorry” he mumbled. “It's just... you surprised me and you're so...” He stopped before he made more of a fool of himself.

“Are you always this nervous?” Jenny asked him.

“Oh no, I'm normally much better. I mean much more... well you know!”

“No actually, I don't know but I would like to... know… you that is,” she said smiling.

“Let's start over” Billy begged and just then a voice called out from the back door of the factory. It was Danny, Billy's friend and he waved them over.

“Hey how'd you do my friend?”

Billy and his new friend Jenny walked over to the door Danny was still holding open and Jenny said,

“Hey Danny, ya think I can trust this guy with my heart?”

Billy Joe now realized just how much of a “new guy” he was. He had worked all day not knowing anyone in sight and now he suddenly had two people before him who not only liked him but seemed to care deeply for him.

Danny turned toward the camera and said,

“We’ll be right back with more adventures of The Legend of Billy Joe Riley following these short messages from our sponsor.”

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