Hiking Boots vs Hiking Shoes

When it’s time for new footwear and you love hiking, where you hike and the terrain is key to your decision. If you love walking on the beach or a well-defined trail, you may need the best hiking shoes. Are you going for a walk or a hike? You know who you are, and your love of quality footwear must be quenched. I look for the highest quality in everything I purchase.

For me, curiosity runs deep and I love to explore. This takes me to places where there are no trails. Besides, we know shoes are constructed using lighter material whereas boots are tough and just heavy duty. Some more than others but all cut from the same mold. I always look for the right tool for the job and you could end up out on the trail realizing your hiking shoes are not working and you should have      purchased hiking boots. Don’t make that mistake!

When purchasing new hiking boots or shoes, you must include the following guidlines

There is nothing quite like a good quality pair of hiking boots and when you spend a lot of time on the trail, boots are essential.

Let’s talk about footwear

Your boots take a pounding all day and they are all that is between you and the ground. Think about that for a moment. Hiking boots work hard and gravity does too. The force endured with every step is immense and your boots must win that battle. You rely on your footwear to protect and support your every footfall. When purchasing hiking boots or shoes the fit is absolute.

Correct Size & Fit

I love the support strong uppers provide and my sense of balance and stability is improved when I’m protected by a great pair of hiking boots such as Salomon Quest 4.

Robust ankle support, reduction of blisters, substantial traction, and always snug and toasty. When the snow begins to fall, that won’t prevent us from hiking and boots are the choice for tucking under a pair of waterproof pants to keep the moisture out and the body heat in.

So remember, get the footwear fit for the occasion and that means a good day of hiking.