What is the Difference Between Cloud and Hosted Services?

The Internet services known as cloud hosting and that of web hosting vary in purpose and cost to the consumer. Regarding traditional web server hosting, the user is bound to the physical constraints of a single server carrying your website host. In cloud hosting, your website's resources are divided across many different virtual servers which can then be obtained quite efficiently when needed.

How does cloud hosting work:
Cloud hosting services allow access to applications and websites using cloud resources. Traditional hosting offers solutions that are not deployed on a single server. Instead, a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers hosts the application or website, ensuring greater resilience and scalability.

How does web hosting work:
Web hosting is traditional hosting. It utilizes a network of connected virtual and physical servers. Web hosts are privately owned firms that rent their web services and technology to host websites on the internet. When you pay a company to host your site, you may then access the site by typing the web address or URL into a browser. Then, the hosting company connects to the exact server your site is hosted on.

Differences & Similarities:

                 Key features of Cloud Hosting:                  Key features of Web Hosting:
The choice is yours:
So users seeking a host for blogging or a fully-featured Website have the luxury of choosing the format and features that suit their needs best. Since every user has varied motivations and intentions, having a choice is a very good thing!