Is it Better to Stay on St. Thomas or St. John?

If you’re planning an adventure to the Caribbean, you may be wondering whether to head out to St. Thomas or St. John Islands. You poor soul. That’s a bit like deciding between cheesecake or salmon mousse for dessert, isn’t it? What this boils down to is pure excitement as both islands are a great choice and both offer similarities and differences.

What Are the Differences:
What Are the Similarities:

So when determining which island to vacation on, it just depends on what you like to do and your personal preference. If you are a wild child and love to dine, drink, and dance, St. Thomas would be a clear choice.

If you like to go hiking, explore nature, or meditate on the beach alone, St. John is your destination and St. John Villa Rental is the clear choice for your home away from home. Since both islands feature white sands and beautiful blue waters, it could be a difficult choice as both have plenty of that.

So Which is Better for You?

St. John has family-friendly hands down with some 5,000 service industry workers, all of whom want only to provide you with just about anything and everything your heart could desire. In terms of keeping the kids occupied and happy, St. John again is the clear winner. Having close to half of the island set aside by the Virgin Islands National State Park, St. John is seriously devoted to being a holiday destination focused on outdoor activity. One last item on our list; if you are a newlywed or looking for romance, look no further, St. John has that covered with low lights, champagne, and romantic dinner music. Romance doesn’t get any better than this!

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