The Problem with Jaso

In the metric expansion of space, the planet Jaso is in the region where hierarchical measurement has no value and recursive observations divulge nothing. The planet is hidden in plain sight and arcane in its very nature. To put it bluntly, it doesn’t exist but there it is. Indeed, it does exist and it is huge. This planet is so large that no Jasonian has ever fully explored the expanse of its wonders.

The surface of the planet is much like Mars with an atmospheric reading of roughly 82 percent nitrogen, 18 percent oxygen, 0.5 percent argon, and 0.005 percent other gases. The Jasonian's are a funny lot. They live on a planet so beautiful yet so delicate and still they fight over just about everything. Visitors to this splendid world would marvel at the oceans, the rivers, the forests, the mountains, and the spiritual deserts but alas, no life form has ever visited Jaso. It is there one moment and gone the next.

Most Jasonian scholars believe that navigating the planet's massive oceans will allow them to map its area and scope but those who have set out in wooden ships have never returned. They simply keep sailing into oblivion. For this reason, many of its citizens often feel trapped and with little technology and even less discovery, they fight amongst themselves. As I said, they are a funny lot.

On Jaso, the populace is all the same and can readily agree on most everything, however, some wish to divide the populace based on the color of their skin. You see, Jasonians are of many colors. The blue ones are generally the leaders although never do much to help anyone but themselves. The green ones just want to be left alone to their ranching and food production as they believe the life force of the planet and its occupants comes from the earth and with a little labor, many edible plants are plentiful.

Then there is the question of the purple ones. Purple-skinned citizens on Jaso lean heavily toward controlling the masses with their adversarial ways, their propaganda, and their lies. They maintain the view that because their skin is purple, they are better than all the others and they are very vocal about this.

In the early days of summer, a child was born to one of the ranchers. This child had many unusual abilities at a very early age. At the age of just three, he found a piece of chalk and began writing endless esoteric formulae and equations. Everyone was astounded and came from all parts of the planet to pay witness to this extraordinary child.

One day, the child, who by now knew everything there was to know about Jaso and its inhabitants, scribbled the following script on his chalkboard:

“These words will demonstrate to all who have at least half of a brain that we must, at all costs, live in harmony and tranquility without remorse or adversity. We are one species, one tribe, one populace and we all love our home world.”

He then wrote:

“One, Two, Three... Take off your skin! We all look the same now, don’t we?

One, Two, Three... Take off your genitals! Again, we all look the same!

One, Two, Three... Take off your money! We have the same result. It happened again. We are all the same. Just the same.”

Then, as everyone tried to understand, he wrote this one last question.

“What does this tell you?”