How to Locate Inmates in America

Whether seeking inmates who may currently be housed in the state, federal, juvenile, or just inside the criminal justice system, there are several avenues of opportunity available to all.

When you are worried about a separation or loss of contact with a loved one whether an early surprise or an ongoing effort, it can be beyond overwhelming and you will need quick answers. You must gather all the information you currently have on the individual in question and begin your search online.

To initiate your search, it is recommended that you utilize the US Department of Justice website. Here you may use the search box to enter the inmate's name to begin your search. Also, there are several further government-affiliated websites such as to search prisons and prisoners that can easily be successful in locating your friends or loved ones.

In addition to this, there exist several for-profit inmate lookup services such as Instant CheckMate, Review Public Records, and Inmate Searcher that could offer you success in your quest to find family members or friends who have gone missing.

When none of the above provides the help you need, you must simply go back to the basics and approach your search in a succinct and point-by-point manner. Grab the nearest yellow legal pad and create a model by which to demystify your quest.

Begin with any concrete data you may have and keep a clear vision in your mind of the successful completion and how it feels to be reunited with the one you seek. Never allow depression and defeat to enter your mind. Use the individual's full name and address, last known address, and date of birth, and go from there. Outline what you know and leave open spaces for what you are yet to learn so that you keep your thoughts and your system clear and understandable from the beginning.

Be Columbo and never leave a stone unturned. Make each day better than the last and dig deep to learn what you may have been missing in your search. Find other individuals who may have been in contact with your missing person. These could be neighbors, associates from work or meetings and clubs, past or current relationships your individual may have been a part of, and bring your clipboard when you interview these people.

When those involved in martial arts display their abilities in breaking a board or a brick, they see the other side; the board is already broken before it is struck. This is known as the power of Chi. It is said that Chi flows through all living things. Chi is a life force that presents success by using the mind. This mysterious force is available to all of us and you can use this in your search that begins with absence and ends with unity.

Remember, you can do anything your mind can visualize so do not let failure enter the picture. Make each day one step closer to your goals and go over the data on your legal pad to see if you can find any hidden points of connection you may have missed. Holding clearly in your mind the fact that this person may be in more trouble than initially believed, you then become the sole force in finding them and returning them to a loving and happy home.