The Logic of Destiny

On Philosophy

Throughout history, man has tried to understand who he is and how he got here. That query and merely to want to know, has carried on through generations. We are all so different. That is a well-known fact and yet we are all the same. All human, or so we are led to believe. But how much do we really know? How, through the haze of flurried information often called news, through the dense fog of words, often lies, do we interpret what is real and what is the illumination of some agenda so hidden that it seems invisible and invincible?

For the dark and light, there are considerations. No one knows what the idea of dark and light really means. We are comforted by the word light because it appears to represent a revelation, the revealing of what is real, and the acceptance that all is good. We are threatened by the word dark because we cannot see into it. The word, by nature, is a wall that presents only the unknown, waiting on the other side.

Over the years, I have attempted to note the parts of my personality, of who I am, that are undesirable. The things I may think or even do in the presence of others that would be unjust, offensive, uncaring, or just wrong. One of those things was my apparent tendency to be judgmental. I believe that in life, we all begin our journeys with the same set of potentials and the same set of tools with which to shape them and, if deemed necessary, to change and improve ourselves.

When I am judgmental, I have already established the premise that something or someone is a certain way and there can be no other way for them, or for it to be. This absurd premise is doomed to failure because it is illogical. When the sun hits a flower early in the morning, I see it to be red, but when the afternoon arrives, as it always does, I see it as purple. Then to judge the color of the flower in the first glimpse would be incorrect. What was the impetus for the quandary? Why that would be time alone!

So now, having been swept up in the impossibly powerful and turbulent waters of the river that is life, I ask myself, why can I not swim to safety? How can it be that after all this time, my battle has only intensified? While on one hand, I possess the wisdom of the sanctity of life, on the other, I am being thrown this way and that, and ahead of me, the search for peace of mind continues unanswered.

Is this just a big test? Is there a higher power looking down upon us holding the strings? I choose to believe that I am a powerful piece of equipment and I can do anything. Yes, the operative word here is “choose.” Life is a series of choices and I have made some seriously bad ones. I choose to understand as understanding might be the peace of mind for which I search. Alas, my understanding leads me down a dead-end street.

On Money

The system of money that we humans use on Earth is flawed. It is not our choice. This system was established long ago to control the masses and keep us in line. To me, money is an anvil upon my neck. I cannot control my own destiny unless I fall in line and I cannot fall in line because I know the truth.

The true comedy is that those of us who have amassed great piles of the stuff inherit the wisdom only ever before granted to Gandolph, the great wizard. Or at least that is how they see themselves. Great piles of money give them the insight only they can possibly have. They stand so tall above the rest of us that of course, their wisdom and great knowledge must be used to tell the rest of us how to live our lives. More dangerous than that, they would guide the systems of the planet with their seemingly limitless largess to further enhance their stockpiles of the stuff.

Ah yes, those who possess the secrets of Internet coding are obviously smarter than the rest of us so of course, God has given them the money and in so doing, the authorization to control us all. Why they are Kings among men. No, no they are Gods or at least they believe so. Of course in reality they are all merely geeks. That’s all they are and that’s all they ever will be. So why do we listen to them? Why do we all subscribe to their system of madness? We must treat the Internet as a passing fad and get on with what is important to us all. Life, family, love, kindness, and honor.

But wait, we’re not done yet! There is one group who knows better than all of us put together! This is Hollywood! Why it must be so that they walk at least a foot off the ground because they have all told us so. It isn’t personality, no, not that because I have heard them speak freely and they have very little of it. It can’t be genuine intelligence, no, heaven forbid they are mostly stupid and are only good at pretending to be something they are not. Oh, but they can remember lines of text. Hmmm, well there is that? Yes, that must be it. That would make them better than the rest of us. Well, no. Because we can all do that. So just what is it that gives them their magical ability to be better than all of us put together. Oh yes, money again.

A wise man once said, “Hey folks, let’s have some fun! Are you ready? One, two, three, take off your skin!” Oh my, look at that. We all look the same now, don’t we?

Okay, “One, two, three, take off your genitals!” Well, I’ll be darned would you look at that. Again, we all look the same!

And then, “One, two, three, take off your money!” Well, how do you like that? By George, it happened again. We are all the same. Just the same.

It would be good at this point to ask ourselves… What does this tell you?