Live and Love

How did we go from living free on the land, growing our food, keeping our own livestock, and getting most everything, we needed by ourselves the way the American Indians did, to relying on big-box grocery stores that sell us chemical-filled, boxed food barely fit for human consumption and taking orders from people in Washington we don’t even know and do not trust?

Back then we had a strong connection to others in our communities and when problems arose, we all pitched in and made things better. Life was good. Today’s medical advances are a double-edged sword and our bodies have diseases nobody had ever heard of back then because they did not exist.

Jethro Kloss once traveled to the homes of neighbors and friends who needed medical attention and healed them with herbs, poultices, and other natural remedies today’s poison pill-pushing doctors dismiss as quackery. Right!

Those who came before us were healthy and fit because they had a simple life and never ingested the crap that is crammed down our throats by today's corporate bullshit.

We have gone from the local supply store selling large sacks of wheat, rice, flour, and oats to the “supermarket” from hell. We live in a manufactured society!

We need to get back to those days, to that life of family, simple pleasures, and hard work. We can change today's world for the better. We need unity! Get out of your house, put that device down; meet those in your community, and follow the plan.