Is Scholastic Racism in Occupational Endeavors a Problem? (yes)

Those of all ages whose intention is to rise among the ranks of peer writers are being immorally prevented from advancing in their chosen field by scholastic regulation and assessment. The professional growth of a great many writers is at stake when unfair conditions are placed on the regulation of their acceptance by occupational profiling.

Waste of time and money!

Quantifying intellectual property, boundaries, and division by scholastic standing is repugnant and advocates professional suffocation in the writer’s community. Placing a chokehold of needless regulations on writers may prevent you from hiring the best writer. What part of a bachelor's degree assures an employer without a doubt that this applicant is a good writer? None of it!

Writing is a highly creative and imaginative personal craft. To illustrate my point, let us use the following elucidations for clarity. Possessing rhythm is a case in point as is having class or mastering the pen. Rhythm is not something one can simply learn; you either have it or you do not. It is a gift from nature. No school can teach you to have a natural rhythm. A school might teach a child to use rhythm but only if that child already has it within them. In other words, a child born without natural rhythm will flatly fail the class.

Moreover, possessing class in a personality is not something one can learn. The finest universities cannot promise you a degree in having class in polite company or natural rhythm with other musicians.

College may teach students punctuation and grammar, and how to use lots of big words but it does not mean they can put it all together in an article. Most people cannot! One musician plays by ear, the other is trained in music theory. They both simultaneously pick up their instruments. By ear naturally busts out a great song he just made up; theory remains quiet and asks, “Where’s the sheet music?” Training works in disparate ways in society. We are all so different. How can one set program of instruction arrive at exceptional results for everyone?
It cannot.