Things They Don't Teach In School!

Apparently, they do not teach much of anything worth a shit in school these days!

For instance:

Kids need the truth. Most kids can see right through a lie in a heartbeat. Find lots of great friends and hang on to them until the day you die! Friends are forever; wives & lovers come and go.

Marry your high school sweetheart and have a big family; you will never be lonely. Loneliness is not good for the spirit.

Ride bicycles and horses. Live a little! The horse is a magnificent creature. Look into history and you will find horses everywhere helping man. Man, and beast together. There is a lot to learn from the animals of our small blue planet and there is a lot of love in horses.

Learn that money isn’t everything and money won’t buy happiness, peace of mind, or love!

Learn to meditate or you might get left behind! Study science, philosophy, and mathematics, and learn the power of triangle's and the pyramid’s.

Never follow those you can not see and do not trust.

But most of all, keep love in your heart and seek peace of mind.