The Folly of E-Bikes

A closer look at our money-driven society reveals a populace on the run. Time, scheduling, routine, and deadlines have us so wrapped up by the clock that there doesn't appear to be any me-time left for exercise. In addition, we have left the old ways of nutrition behind and now exist on crap. Colorful boxes are full of nasty chemical additives from big box stores whose primary focus is making money for themselves and very little concern for customers.

I have been an avid cyclist all my adult life and love what it does for my body. Drive around your neighborhood, visit friends or neighbors; see those dusty old bicycles that never go for a ride? That is the nature of the problem. If you ride every available day, you will look and feel great. Getting more oxygen to the brain is key.

Why don't more of us ride? One glaring item is the lack of safe places to ride away from Carmageddon. I grew up in San Diego and the so-called bike lanes have always been little more than a joke. The strongest example I can provide is this; you are riding along in your safe bike lane where no cars, trucks, or buses are allowed, and you see a sign up ahead. It reads Bike Lane Ends Ahead!

What am I supposed to do, move over to the fast lane? I am left lugging my bike completely off the road or simply turning around and heading back the way I came. Talk about a stupid situation!

We are ready to delve into the point of this article... E-Bikes.

First, a little history:

"The first recognizable bicycle, with pedals and all, was invented around 1869 (bicycles sans-pedals, called Draisines or velocipedes, were invented as early as 1818). These original bikes were limited in how fast the wheels could rotate and were known as boneshakers, taken from the fact that their rigid frames and iron-banded or wooden wheels led to harsh, shaky rides."


History shows us that the motorbike was initially created by taking a bicycle and adding a motor to it. This occurred around 1894. At that time, there was a need for motorized transportation that was available to the public for less than the cost of an automobile. The populace had a true need for this to get them to work and home again and for weekend fun for budding romances or established families.

Thanks to E-Bikes, today, one of the finest ways I know to stay in shape has effectively been removed. I see them everywhere. I see the blubber bellies shaking along as they relax on their new E-Bike, getting nothing much out of the experience.

History does indeed repeat itself. Back in the 1890s folks had a sensible need for their motorbikes. Today there is a need to SELL E-Bikes and that's about all. I find this a simple truth now proven. Humans are just stupid money-grabbing fucks!

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